What You Can Expect


Our Church is a very diverse group of believers with different backgrounds and experiences.  Our services are planned to exalt Jesus through all forms of worship.  We believe (the Gospel) is to be central in all that we do.  Today’s culture is constantly impacting our lives and the Church is not immune to the shifts within culture.  This is why when we assemble you can expect us to shift our focus and attention away from culture and toward Jesus.


Our (worship through music) is based on the scriptures and is built on the centrality of Jesus within the message of (the Gospel).  Through all of our music Jesus is the theme and the goal is to exalt Him.  Our Church is led in worship by a wonderful choir, a praise team, and talented musicians who love Jesus more than themselves.


Our worship through small groups is the time we explore the scriptures in an environment that promotes spiritual growth among peers.  We meet Sunday mornings at 8:45 during our Sunday School and Sunday afternoon at 4:30 through our Men’s and Women’s Bible studies.  We also meet on Wednesday nights and have Co-ed Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, Youth Bible Study, AWANA, and Prayer Meeting.


Our worship through the preaching of the scriptures is accomplished in the form of exposition. We believe verse-by-verse preaching completely moves our attention to the scripture and Jesus is ultimately glorified.  Even through some of the most difficult passages of interpretation, we know Jesus is the one to whom the scripture is pointing.  We believe the Church does not need secular teaching practices, but rather the people of God need to know more about the Lordship of Christ. All of our ministries adhere to the same mission and central theme of (the Gospel).  You can expect when you come to our services that you will learn more about Jesus through Gospel-centered preaching.