Iglesia Bautista Rios De Agua Viva

The Hispanic ministry of LABC was birthed from a small Sunday School class who had a vision to reach the Hispanic people of Cocke County.  In 2005, this vision culminated in the creation of Iglesia Bautista Rios de Agua Viva (Rivers of Living Water Baptist Church), a Hispanic congregation that meets every Saturday night at the LABC campus for worship services.  For approximately 3 years, this congregation existed as a mission of LABC. In May of 2008, the "Rios" congregation constituted as an autonomous Hispanic church in Newport, TN.  The Rios church is pastored by Julio Hernadez, originally from Mexico, who now serves as their pastor.  The church also provides discipleship courses on Sunday afternoons. Volunteers are always needed to assist this church as it grows and reaches out to the Hispanic community.

As result of the Rios church, another ministry opportunity exists to minister to the Hispanic community.  Each year as migrant workers come every summer to work in the tomato industry within the county, LABC sends a team out to share a meal and the gospel with these individuals. This ministry 
happens each Monday and lasts from July to September. Just as with the Rios church, volunteers are needed to help in this unique ministry to the Hispanic community.